The fees depend on the complexity of the matter, the time spent on the business, the specialized knowledge and responsibility involved, the number of documents prepared or perused, the place where and circumstances in which the business is transacted.

For non-contentious matters we will state our hourly rate in Polish Zlotys being equivalent to Euros and varying from 50,00 Euro up to 140,00 Euro. Where appropriate we are happy to seek to agree a fixed fee for a specific assignment or series of transactions.

For litigation and arbitration our charges are calculated on the basis prescribed by legislation - decree of the Ministry of Justice of 28th September 2002 on professional charges of legal advisers applicable for representation before courts and arbitration institutions (_) (Dz.U. No. 163, item 1349, with further changes).

The minimum rates applicable in accordance with the value of the case:
  1. up to 500 PLN - 60 PLN;
  2. over 500 PLN up to 1500 PLN - 180 PLN
  3. over 1500 PLN up to 5000 PLN - 600 PLN
  4. over 5000 PLN up to 10.000 PLN - 1.200 PLN
  5. over 10.000 PLN up to 50.000 PLN - 2.400 PLN
  6. over 50.00 PLN up to 200.000 PLN - 3.600 PLN
  7. over 200.000 PLN - 7.200 PLN
V.A.T. at 23% is added to these rates where applicable.
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